(Suricata Suricatta)


The meerkat society is ruled by the females. Lead by an alpha female, all other females are prohibited from breeding. If they attempt to breed, the alpha female will attack the culprit and kill any young that are not her own. The reason why the alpha female behaves in this way is because any young that are not her own are taking up valuable food and resources that could be given to her own young, therefore increasing their chances of survival.


Animal Class: Mammals.

Distribution: Western parts of Southern Africa, Western and Southern Namibia, Southwestern Botswana, North and West South Africa.

Habitat: Savannah, shrubland, grassland, desert.

Diet: Invertebrates, small mammals and reptiles.

Appearance: Brown-stripe fur, pointed face and large eyes. 

Size: 50cm long, including their tail.

Lifespan: Up to 14 years. 


Least Concern

Population Trend



There are no major threats



Did you know?

They can feed on venomous scorpions as they are immune to the venom that scorpions produce!

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There are three Meerkats at Ponderosa Zoo. Their names are Sarabi, Vitani and Zira. Find them next to the picnic area.

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