Are you interested in a career with animals? For volunteers 18+ years, you will assist our keepers in cleaning our lemur walkthrough exhibit and talking to our customers about our resident lemurs. In addition, you will ensure that customers are following safety procedures whilst in the walkthrough. You will also assist our zoo keepers on the rest of the zoo with some of our other species including cleaning, preparing and distributing animal feeds and general zoo maintenance tasks such as car park duty, raking, sweeping and bin and litter checks.

For work experience students aged 16-18 years, you will assist our keepers in the preparation of daily feeds, distributing animal feeds, cleaning enclosures and general zoo maintenance duties such as raking, sweeping and bin and litter checks. You will alternate between the four sections which are carnivores, herbivores, reptiles and birds and the lemur walkthrough. You will be under full supervision at all times.

We ask that all volunteers commit to one day per week for a minimum of 3 months.

To apply, please email us on office@ponderosa-centre.co.uk to request an application form.

For any research requests, please contact office@ponderosa-centre.co.uk or call 01924 235276.


01924 235276 / office@ponderosa-centre.co.uk

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