Ring-tailed Lemur

(Lemur catta)


Ring-Tailed Lemurs are found only on the African Island of Madagascar. They are easy to spot due to their long stripy tails and bright yellow or amber eyes. Unlike most other lemurs, Ring-Tailed Lemurs spend 40% of their time on the ground, moving on all fours along the forest floor. They are a social species, occurring in groups of between 3 to 25 individuals, made up of roughly the same amount of each sex.


Animal Class: Mammals.

Distribution: Madagascar.

Habitat: Forests, shrublands, rocky areas, caves, subterranean habitats.

Diet: Primarily eat fruit from Madagascan trees.

Appearance: Grey fur with white patches on their faces, ears, and underbelly. They have long tails with black and white rings, and bright yellow or amber eyes.

Size: Approx 39-46cm. Weigh approx 2.2kg.

Lifespan: Between 16 and 19 years. 

Allergen information: Please note if you happen to visit our lemurs there is the possibility of peanuts being present in their enclosure as it is part of their diet.



Population Trend



Habitat loss, hunting and the illegal pet trade.



Did you know?

The females are the most dominant of the group. Males have their own hierarchy among themselves which are fought over by the males smearing special scents on to their tails and wafting them high into the air.  

See Our Ring-Tailed Lemurs

We have five Ring-tailed Lemurs at Ponderosa Zoo, their names are Percy, Lexi, Anya, Zuri and Rakoto and you can find them in our Lemur Walkthrough exhibit.


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