Scottish Wildcat

(Felis silvestris silvestris)


Historically, Scottish Wildcats lived across Britain but are now only found in the Scottish Highlands. They are the largest of the wildcat family, double the size of a domestic pet cat and considerably more ferocious.


Animal Class: Mammals.

Distribution: Scotland

Habitat: Scottish countryside.

Diet: Rabbits, small rodents, birds and the occasional invertebrates.

Appearance: Grey and brown in colour.

Size: Approximately 14 to 16 inches and reaches lengths of 29 to 46 inches. Weigh between 3 to 8 pounds.

Lifespan: Up to 14 years. 


Least Concern

Population Trend



Interbreeding between domestic cats has diluted the gene pool and now extensive research into how many pure wildcats are left is being undertaken. Unfortunately, early results suggest that the only pure wildcats are those found in captivity.


Between 30 and 430 individuals.

Did you know?

Whilst male Wildcats are solitary throughout the year, they enter neighbouring female territories in the spring to mate. Once they have mated, the male plays no further part in raising the kittens. The kittens live with the female for up to 6 months until they learn to hunt or fend for themselves.

See Our Scottish Wildcats!

Ponderosa Zoo is home to two Scottish Wildcats, Islay and Iona. You can find them next to the Reptile House.


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